Justin is happy to work with you to set up an internship or residency that is right for you. Goshen and the surrounding region is a great place for ceramics and other fine craft. The cost of living is low, and access to other midwestern cities is relatively easy. Part-time or seasonal jobs and small apartments can be easily arranged. Past Interns have arranged their own housing and part time jobs relatively easily.

Our friends at Clay Bottom Farms have occasionally hosted interns/resident artists in partnership with us. They have provided lodging in exchange for some regular farm work. In 2015 The Hawks artist lofts became available for artists and entrepreneurs living in Goshen.

As an intern you will have access to Justin’s clay studio which is well equipped with kilns, wheels, and other tools and materials in exchange for work around the studio and kiln site. You can learn about ceramic decals, wood firing, soda firing, running a small business, and many other skills to help prepare you for future work in the craft field.

Past interns have spent around 3 months to 1 year in Goshen working with Justin. I request a minimum stay of 2 months. Historic Goshen in a blossoming arts and crafts community.

Please email if you are interested in setting up a ceramics residency or internship.

Summer 2010 interns Zach Tate and Craig Hartenberger, along with Justin, co-wrote an article for Studio Potter Magazine reflecting on their experience at Rothshank Artworks, Clay Bottom Farm, and the city of Goshen. Zach, Craig, and Justin also presented a panel discussion about education outside the formal classroom during NCECA 2011 in Tampa.

Past Artist Interns:

2015, Cindy Gibson,

2015, Maddie Gerig,

2014, Jamie Morrow,

2014, Mark Tarabula,

2013, Rebecca Krofcheck,

2012, Meghan Borland,

2011, Ryan Taylor,

2010, Craig Hartenberger,

2010, Zach Tate,