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Low-Fire Soda, Book and Cup set

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Your chance to get a copy of the book along with a soda fired earthenware cup to see an example firsthand! You’ll get a cup similar to one of those pictured here. What a deal!

After years of experimenting with earthenware in wood, soda, and salt kilns, 
Justin Rothshank has compiled all his know-how into this helpful guide. Low-Fire Soda is a start-to- finish resource that outlines everything from the different types of clay bodies to use, to decorating and glazing techniques, wadding and loading strategies, firing tips, post-firing ideas, and much more.

Whether you’re interested in learning about faster, more economical atmospheric firings, or you’re intrigued by the expanded color palette of low-fire clay materials, Low-Fire Soda has the information you need to start exploring low-temperature atmospheric rings. Justin also covers health and safety, recipes, and kiln firing strategies.

Five articles contributed by guest authors, along with helpful insights from practicing artists round out the book. Low-Fire Soda has a wealth of information for ceramic artists interested in learning more about the potential of soda at low temperatures. This book is published by Ceramic Arts Network.