Intention Advent Calendar with Handprinted print interior

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This Advent Calendar was designed and printed by Brooke Rothshank at Tympanum Press in Goshen Indiana on the letterpress. The top of the calendar is an original letterpress print. The interior of the calendar is also an original 4-color letterpress print by Brooke.

Opening an advent calendar has been One of my favorite Christmas  traditions both as a child and with my own children. I enjoy having a reason to pause each day especially when the schedule begins to fill.  I wanted to make an advent calendar that honors the anticipation of advent while also being an invitation to becoming present each day. I’m calling it an Advent Intention Calendar. 

I chose to hand print this project using a letter press process.  each calendar was fed through the press 5 times including the die to cut the windows.   The calendars are also hand glued and trimmed to finish.

Each window in the Intention Calendar  has an illustrated word like, “Seek”, “tend” and Wonder” that is meant to be a reminder of the message winter sends with its shortened days and cold weather for us to slow down, stay home,  be cozy.  

My hope is that the Intention calendar can create a space each day in December for you to center yourself or share a moment of intention with someone you love.