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Rothshank Roots

Rothshank Roots

2020 Land Research Project Year


Our personal creative manifesto includes a commitment to respect and cherish our environment. A global changing climate compels us to ask what we can do. We plan to use this year to deepen our appreciation and understanding of our immediate environment, a wooded and swampy region in Northern Indiana.

We recognize that the land we have been living on for the past 10 years is the ancestral home of the Potawatomi Nation. The Potawatomi people were stewards of this land for many generations leading up to an unjust treaty in 1828 when the land was taken by the United States Government and the Potawatomi were forcefully removed and relocated.
Learning about the historical, botanical, and ecological roots of this land is at the heart of our project for the year. Documenting the plants that grow here is our way to honor the natural environment in its present state. We hope by researching the past and engaging the present in this place that we will be able to better understand how to care for its future.