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About Us

We believe that artwork and creativity are a catalyst for social change and economic improvement. We understand that creating beauty is integral to our human experience and offers an invitation to order, coherence and unity. Art is an inclusive form of communication reaching across class, education, and ethnic boundaries. It enables self understanding, provides a window into other cultures, and gives context to history and education. 
We commit to:
● respect and cherish our environment
● seek and promote non-violent means of reconciliation
● share our resources and gift our time
● pursue new ways of learning and be open to change
● participate in a faith community


We recognize that the land we have been living on for the past 10 years is the ancestral home of the Potawatomi Nation. The Potawatomi people were stewards of this land for many generations leading up to an unjust treaty in 1828 when the land was taken by the United States Government and the Potawatomi were forcefully removed and relocated.

We recognize that we have grown up with privileges that many members of our local and global community do not enjoy. We're working to change systems, both macro and micro, to make life more equitable for all. Being an ally is a lifelong pursuit for us. We've failed often, and likely will again. We're open to criticism. We feel strongly that being artists, culture makers, and people of faith means risk taking and failure.

We are donating what we can and making sure our voices are heard through our votes and through the businesses we support. We are trying to learn more, reading books together as a family by Black Authors about Black history and experiences. We're creating artworks to honor a more complete history of our country in an effort to educate ourselves and the communities that engage with our work.

 We are working to build collaborative networks of artists from different backgrounds. We believe that collaboration is a vulnerable experience. There is of course the possibility of rejection or disappointment. Despite this risk, there has never been a more relevant time to reach out to the stranger in our lives and seek collaboration among ourselves. Vulnerability in this way opens us up to learning and building new relationships.

As part of our commitment to the Mennonite faith we tithe 10% of all our income, which we earn by selling our artwork. We are conscientious objectors to war and work actively to promote nonviolent means of reconciliation. In tithing our money we support racial justice, craft based education, Immigrant Justice, environmental preservation, fair housing standards and other means of creating a more equitable and peaceful society. We are committed to lead through example and action.

For those who self identify as marginalized or underrepresented, please use the code EQUALITY at check out to receive a discount.