Tall Zelenskyy Peace Mug

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Volodymyr Zelenskyy is the democratically elected president of Ukraine. He has held the office of President since May 2019. Prior to his election he was an actor and comedian, most recently acting in the Ukrainian TV show "Servant of the People" where he portrayed the President of Ukraine. His unlikely rise to power was supported by a newly created political party named Servant of the People.

This mug depicts a portrait of Zelenskyy on one side, and a drawing by @blrothshank of a Ukrainian Pysanka egg, meant to symbolize life and ward off evil. I have also added sunflowers, the Ukrainian national flower and symbol of resistance, unity, and hope. You will get a tall mug similar to what is pictured. 
I don't fully grasp the political leanings of Zelenskyy, but I do understand his important role as a global leader against an unjust war. Zelenskyy is the same age as me. His children are the same age as my children. I pray for the safety of him, his family, and all the people affected by this atrocity.
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