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Choose Your Favorite US President, on a mug

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This is a wheel thrown mug with a President of your choice on it. This is a representative image. Each mug is approximately 4" tall. All mugs are microwave and dishwasher safe. Each mug is handmade, and has slight variations. The mug you receive may vary slightly from this image. Custom mugs are available.


Donald Trump mugs have an increased price. I believe that Donald Trump's policies and actions have negatively impacted our society and world in major way. To reconcile this, for each Trump mug a donation of $100 will be made to a non-profit organization working to promote peace and justice in our world. **********

A photo album with images of every president on individual mugs, bowls, and plates is viewable on my Justin Rothshank Ceramics facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10151204573135421.506359.113505525420&type=3

Here are all the presidents that are available: 1 George Washington 2 John Adams 3 Thomas Jefferson 4 James Madison 5 James Monroe 6 John Quincy Adams 7 Andrew Jackson 8 Martin Van Buren 9 William Henry Harrison 10 John Tyler 11 James K. Polk 12 Zachary Taylor 13 Millard Fillmore 14 Franklin Pierce 15 James Buchanan 16 Abraham Lincoln 17 Andrew Johnson 18 Ulysses S. Grant 19 Rutherford B. Hayes 20 James Garfield 21 Chester A. Arthur 22 Grover Cleveland 23 Benjamin Harrison 24 Grover Cleveland 25 William McKinley 26 Theodore Roosevelt 27 William Howard Taft 28 Woodrow Wilson 29 Warren G. Harding 30 Calvin Coolidge 31 Herbert Hoover 32 Franklin D. Roosevelt 33 Harry S. Truman 34 Dwight D. Eisenhower 35 John F. Kennedy 36 Lyndon B. Johnson 37 Richard Nixon 38 Gerald Ford 39 Jimmy Carter 40 Ronald Reagan 41 George H. W. Bush 42 Bill Clinton 43 George W. Bush 44 Barack Obama 45 Donald Trump You can also email me directly for images. www.rothshank.com jrothshank@gmail.com